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If you’re looking for an open-source solution, OpenCart is a free e-commerce platform that also seamlessly integrates as a plugin to your WordPress site. It’s completely free, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a powerful store management tool. While many of the free plugins are lacking in support, themes, and extensions, OpenCart prides itself on offering a large selection of modules and themes. So, you can more easily customize your store and tap into the functionality that will build your target audience, generate leads, and convert sales.

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One Page Checkout said a long, complicated checkout process is one of the reasons 1 in 10 people abandon their cart, adding that a simple, quick checkout will help you reduce your store’s cart abandonment rate.
The plugin works out of the box with its simple and efficient functionalities. The abandoned cart reports from the plugin help in understanding your customers’ behavior.

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The following video shows how you can create a specific checkout page for your products:
There are many other application-specific plugins like Shipping plugins. WooCommerce FedEx, WooCommerce UPS, and WooCommerce Table Rate plugins are few top plugins in the market. You may check out other WooCommerce Shipping plugins from the list and expand your store.

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Get a free website builder, online ordering, gift cards, in-store pick-up options, and dozens of other features for eCommerce and hybrid businesses.

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    I see/read that you have a lot of experience with plugins within WordPress. Could you advice me on a plugin which handles the selling of my software product. What i would like to have is a plugin which offers the software to my existing and new customers. After payment i would like to sent the a license file to activiate the software.

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    Hi! I set up several PayPal “Add to Cart” buttons on my website and they all are functional.

    If you are using an unofficial gateway plugin, we recommend you to switch to official one and enjoy the benefits of WooFunnels. Small cost to pay (oh! most of them are FREE) for increasing your average order values! Updated on April 2, 2021 Doc navigation← Global SettingsOrder Processing →
    Product Alerts Reports collects data on how many people would like to see a product in stock again or with lower price. Thus, Magento stock reports enable you to optimize your Magento inventory and prices. Sort Magento inventory reports by the number of subscribers and product SKU. Oct 28, 2019 · Magento has an official Security Alert Registry. Enroll to receive notifications whenever there is a new security release for your store. 2.2 Security Patches Statistically, your best defense is to promptly install the latest Magento security patches as soon as they become available.

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    Is there a shop that is possible a customer put is item at sell in my own shop? Almost like auction, but without bids, only buy now,,, Thanks
    Read the Installation Guide. If after setting up the plugin you are experiencing issues, please check the FAQ. If you are still unable to resolve your issue, start a support topic and someone from the community may be able to assist you. If you need immediate assistance, I am available for hire. Unfortunately, I do not have time to support the plugin for free.

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    Create a post or a page to host the payments form. Format the page the way you want and insert shortcode [paypalpro] where you want the payments form to appear. Simply enter it as it appears here, in square brackets: [paypalpro]. WordPress will substitute the shortcode with a proper form generated by the plugin.

    The billing address fields can be optional only in a certain scenario. The filter below is for the scenario when a customer checks out from the PayPal button on a cart or product page. After they return from PayPal to the site, they land on the Confirm you Order page. It is the billing address fields on that page that this filter affects. add_filter(‘woocommerce_paypal_express_checkout_address_not_required’, ‘__return_true’ );
    The number and quality of eCommerce plugins are increasing every day. The sheer amount of plugins offered can be overwhelming to somebody trying to build their site to become successful, eye-catching, and profitable.

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The more options your plugin has for extending it, the better prepared you’ll be for growth.

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If you want to edit your Row/Column Settings click on the small Pen icon (top right corner of the Row/Column). You can also Duplicate your Row with the Icon (duplicate icon) next to it or Remove the Row/Column with the icon to the right (trash bin icon). Row Settings (General) Click on the Edit Row button (Pen icon, top right of the Row).

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Finally a note for developers/designers. The extension costs quoted above are for a single you license. The good new is that for $20 more you get 5 licenses! Spreading your cost across multiple clients. Nice one.

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Multiple variations can be included for one product. Use ‘var1,’ ‘var2,’ etc when adding multiple variations.

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