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Additionally, you can motivate your shoppers by giving a discount code below your Add-to-cart button. With a single click, they get the offer and you can re-engage your potential customers through Facebook Messenger.

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WooCart Pro Plugin is most popular eCommerce solution. It is for those times when your theme does not support cart customization, that’s when WooCart Pro plugin comes into action.
The confusion between these two is common and felt throughout the PayPal user community. This forum ticket goes into detail on how this confusion can be problematic for users and developers alike. Further, this helpful article goes into the history of PayPal’s varying account types. .

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Well since they have been serving customers out of WordPress, they bring in new concepts that people might haven’t been aware of up until now. So if you’re one who has been looking for an eCommerce plugin with a different structure compared to the traditional ones, then you can definitely give it a go.
Shopify is not a WP plug-in as far as I know. It’s an online webstore engine/framework

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One of the most stressful parts of making a purchase online is figuring out when it’s going to arrive. The more detailed your shipment tracking is, the happier your customers will likely be. Using Shipment Tracking, you can enable your buyers to track packages delivered by FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS. Licenses start at $49 per year.
For content marketing to work, you need to produce quality content on a routine basis, as well as... Which Is The Best How To Price And Package Your Video Marketing Services ... Company

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Recommended for further reading: A New WooCommerce Alternative – Hello BigCommerce and Ecommerce Fraud Prevention.

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Sellers won’t be charged a monthly fee for using Amazon payments and will only have to pay around 1.9% + 35¢ per transaction, similar to PayPal.

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    A Login Welcome Page (in the context of s2Member), is a Page you create in WordPress (like any other Page). Then you designate it as your Login Welcome Page when configuring s2Member. This can be configured (or reconfigured) under s2Member → General Options → Login Welcome Page. It's the page where a user/member (anyone who can log into your site) is redirected to upon logging in. Most Common Use of the Login Welcome Page

    Cart66 Cloud has built its plugin on being a smart platform for all types of people. It has taken an approach to minimize the number of add-ons needed for the plugin to work smoothly, since it can often be tricky making your site work with a collection of add-ons and extensions. Therefore, Cart66 Cloud provides a WordPress ecommerce plugin with most of its features built in. It’s simple to configure, and the reviews from users are mostly positive. It’s tough to go up against WooCommerce in the ecommerce space, but Cart66 Cloud has a solid niche. We like it most for those who don’t want to mess with add-ons. In fact, Cart66 Cloud might just be better for regular people who don’t consider themselves developers.
    Website Payments Pro combines a gateway and merchant account into a single solution. Merchants intending to use this service open a PayPal business account, submit an application, and are vetted accordingly. The reporting functionality is limited with Website Payments Pro, so for any merchants who are transacting over about two-hundred orders monthly, they’d most likely want to use PayFlow Pro. PayFlow Pro is a gateway only and requires the merchant to find their own banking relationship for the Internet Merchant Account. PayFlow’s functionality is more advanced from a reporting standpoint, so reconciliation of transactions is much easier.

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    You need to edit your button at Paypal and add a return URL to the button. See how to do that here:

    SSL isn’t mandated by any law but by users. Browsers will actively warn users of any website or store that doesn’t use an SSL certificate and there aren’t many shoppers out there who would trust a store that didn’t protect their data!
    As mentioned above, WooCommerce follows a Core+Extensions model. That means your WooCommerce platform will come with all the basic features you need, right out of the box. You’ll need to purchase or download everything else in the form of an add-on. Here are a few of our favorite built-in features: Good shipping calculators Sell downloadable products on your website One-page checkout Organize products by category and add product variations Allow customers to leave comments on your product pages Upload as many product photos as you need Web Design

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    There is also a premium version of the plugin with custom reporting and many more features.

    you can simply create a new menu item (as Custom Links) and insert cart icon’s shortcode as menu name. These are the cart icon’s shortcodes: [av_font_icon icon='ue859' font='entypo-fontello' style='' caption='' link='' linktarget='' size='40px' position='left' color='' custom_class=''][/av_font_icon]
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    Whatever option you go with, make sure it suits your business. Each one has its own features and quirks that might not necessarily work with your product. So, research the available options well before settling on one to go with.
    Like WooCommerce, Jigoshop has a large number of extensions to help enhance your store. The plugin itself is free, although some extensions have a cost attached. Lets you sell both digital and physical products. Includes functionality to group your products. Offers affiliate product support. Enables stock management and advanced reporting. Offers over 100 extensions, with more available each month.

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To test 3-D Secure with PayPal sandbox, use a credit card from one of your test sandbox buyer accounts and then, depending on the outcome you wish to simulate, choose the expiry date during checkout.

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The first thing to do, as usual, is to go to Plugins > Add New and find, install and activate the WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin.

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The two arguments, ‘product’ and ‘price’ are required. In addition to these two, you can set up a series of options for the product, such as color or size. For example:

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