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Will my customers be able to checkout using their credit cards after I install this plugin? Poor communication via website, insufficient info about plugin cost with paypal.

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Overall, I have the skills to analyze these WordPress ecommerce plugins, breaking down the features that make them unique. In addition, I know everything there is to know when it comes to implementing the plugins to create a complete ecommerce website, regardless of the products being sold. Considering the average person doesn't have the time to research the nitty gritty of these plugins and ecommerce platforms, I've taken the role of expert.
If you’re a one-man shop or a small-scale WordPress site owner and all you want is to have an embeddable shopping cart that can do lists, catalogs, and categories, Shopify’s Lite plan, and its price may be what you need—just keep in mind its limitations. Lite plan is just $9 a month and comes with a “Buy now” button Can integrate with dropshipping services and other apps. Has an invoice-creation feature Comes with a shopping cart for multi-item checkout Easy to manage and embed products in WordPress Good support Unlimited products, bandwidth, and storage No free version, only a free trial The less you pay per plan, the higher the transaction fees There are transaction fees if not using Shopify’s own payment gateway Sales reports are unavailable in the lower pricing plans Limited customization Limited number of staff users per plan 4. BigCommerce WordPress Plugin – good for medium-sized stores wanting flexibility .

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You need to edit your button at Paypal and add a return URL to the button. See how to do that here:
It includes email opt-in tools, popup builders and a drag and drop editor to help you create beautiful opt-ins and forms that fit perfectly into your store. Convert Pro is one of the best-selling lead generation plugins in the world and for good reason.

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Best of all, the plugin is free and maintained by the developer so it always works with the latest version of WordPress. If you don’t have the simple shopping cart plugin already then visit the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin page to download a copy now. WordPress Shopping Cart Documentation Index
Payment gateway support can’t be stressed enough. You’ll want to ensure that your plugin choice supports as many payment gateways as possible, without compromising on features.

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There is also a premium version of the plugin with custom reporting and many more features.

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    You can find detailed usage instruction with screenshots on the WooCommerce PayPal Pro Gateway extension page.

    Any email that WooCommerce generates, you can tailor to your preferences, including its copy and design elements.
    Blog Contact us Privacy Policy Terms & Conditons Refund Policy Item Support Policy Security Protect your site Backup Save every change Scan Stay one step ahead of threats Anti-spam Stop comment and form spam Performance Speed up your site Site Search Help them find what they need Boost Instant speed and SEO Growth Grow your audience CRM Connect with your people Pricing Support Blog Get started Is "wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart" safe? WordPress Plugin security and safety information. wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart: Plugin Details Type: Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart/ Latest Version: 4.4.7 wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart: Security Information Insecure versions: Up To 3.5 Known since: 2014-03-18 20:05:53 Description: Simple Paypal Shopping Cart 3.5 - Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerability More Information: wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart: Safety Recommendations We have rated wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart as Good (current version safe) which means that we have found vulnerabilities in older versions. We recommend that you only use the latest version of wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart. wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart: Staying Up-to-date Make sure your installation of wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart is safe with the following free Jetpack services for WordPress sites: Updates & Management

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    Another interesting part of Cart66 Cloud is that the company offers its own marketplace of vendors. Although I don’t personally see this as a huge advantage (since the average person isn’t going to shop online through the Cart66 Marketplace) it’s still another way to get the word out about your business.

    In scenarios like this where the user wants the simplest possible solution and knows they want to use PayPal, a fully featured shopping cart / ecommerce solution such as WooCommerce might be overkill. Sometimes simple PayPal buttons will suffice.
    There are also themes available from sites like Themify – home to thousands of themes. A quick search for WooCommerce themes produces over 7,000 results.

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    Any email that WooCommerce generates, you can tailor to your preferences, including its copy and design elements.

    In the file catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_payflow_link.php replace line 86, which currently reads:
    With Square, you can accept credit card payments from customers easily and quickly – anytime, anywhere. This plugin is a great option for WooCommerce store owners who also have a shop. It’s easy to set up and manage, so there’s no need for you to worry about it. Square POS installation is easy and should go smoothly for almost anyone. The synchronization between inventory is well-organized, and the user interface has a clean design that makes set up quick and easy.

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    What makes this plugin powerful is its simplicity. You don’t have to spend days setting up an eCommerce Solution. Just install the plugin and in just a few minutes customers from around the world can start buying products or services from your website using PayPal.

    Apple Pay is another popular payment option through which you can make secure purchases of online products in apps and on the web. You can easily make the purchase on the web in Safari without creating an account or filling up forms. Using Apple Pay, it’s also possible to send and receive money from your friends and family in messages.
    To add these return and privacy policies, visit your CommentSold admin dashboard and click on "Returns." Scroll down to the box labeled "Return Policy." Enter your return policy and privacy policy in this box. These are both required for Sezzle Merchant Accounts.

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To use this plugin, you must first establish an account with Mal’s E-Commerce. Your username (actually a number) and the cart server domain goes into the General Settings tab of this plugin. You will be provided with this information when you register your account at mals-e.com.

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The following post shares the complete information on the best cart plugins for your store.

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this. I have empty this is just very simple also when you’re setting up the PayPal shopping cart button if you are sending if you’re not going to charge shipping, you can leave this blank and then yeah you leave a blank if you don’t want to use it if you are sending out physical products and you need to get their shipping address at PayPal then you would check that button off if you already have a shipping profile set up at PayPal then you would check that off otherwise you would do what my husband does on his Simi, he sells physical products that have to be shipped out once you have it done there are two codes you put in so you would add this shortcut in where you want to buy now button, and this is

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One of the main advantages of integrating Stripe on your store is, it helps customers to make the transactions without redirecting them to any other external website during the checkout. You can accept payments from the customers to your store directly through websites or mobile devices. In addition to that, you can customize the checkout flow on your site by making use of Stripe Elements.

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